Do you make it easy for your donors to give?

How easy is it for donors to give to your nonprofit?

In developing a fundraising plan, it's important to have a crystal clear path towards making a donation. This means thinking through all of the actions that your donor must take to give money to your organization. For example, if you want them to donate after watching one of your YouTube vidoes, do you have a clearly visible donate button on your channel?

To develop an effective fundraising plan, we recommend putting yourself in the shoes of a donor and thinking through a process that will make it easy for him to open his wallet. The process will vary based on your nonprofit's mission, the type of donor you are targeting, and the type of donation you are collecting. For example, if you'd like donors to give after visiting your website, you will ask the following questions:

  • What type of information is going to keep the donor engaged and on the website?
  • Where will a "donate" button be most visible so that it doesn't get lost amongst other information?
  • What is going to make the donor feel comfortable giving to the organization?

These are just a few questions that you'll want to ask to make sure you are successfully attracting donation dollars.

Once you've developed your fundraising plan, it's super helpful to ask a third party to take a look and give their thoughts. Having a fresh pair of eyes is a great way to catch any steps that you might have missed.

Which of the above tips will help improve your nonprofit's fundraising plan? 

As always, we believe in you and your nonprofit's success!

Erica & Bea