What's in it for your donors?

I want to share a question that I often ask to our nonprofit clients:

Why should a donor give to your nonprofit instead of giving to the nonprofit around the corner, or purchasing that new TV set she's had her eye on?

The reason I ask this, is because in order to encourage donors to open their wallets, they must have a good reason for doing so. The truth is, donors give to nonprofits because they expect to get something out of it. 

There are a number of motivations behind making a donation to a nonprofit:

  • perhaps the donor has been personally impacted by the problem your nonprofit is soloving
  • perhaps the donor wants to give back to the community because she feels so fortunate
  • perhaps the donor simply wants a tax deduction

These are just a few reasons that donors give. There are many more.

In order to successfully attract fundraising dollars, it's important to understand your donors and why they want to give to your organization. When asking for money (in person, on social media, at fundraisers, etc.) it helps to directly respond to donor motivation by telling them what they will get out of it. 

Do you know what motivates donors to give to your organization?

As always, we believe in you and your nonprofit's success!

Erica & Bea