Can I get a dollar?

In this post, we want to continue the discussion on how to engage donors. This is by far the biggest challenge that our nonprofit clients face: How to raise enough money to create huge impact. 

When it comes to connecting with donors, communication is key. And we don't mean communicating only when your nonprofit needs something. 

Imagine this happening with a close friend or family member, where every time you see them or talk to them on the phone they are asking for something:

Hey can I borrow five dollars? I want to buy a cup of coffee. 

Do you have a dress I can borrow? I have a party coming up next week.

Can you come over to fix my window blinds? They are broken.

I'm having a party at the house next week and need you to help me with the food.

We venture to guess that if this were to happen with someone you are close to, eventually you would begin screening their calls or crossing the street if you saw them coming. (We certainly would!)

The same is the case with your donors. If every time they get a communication from you it's because your nonprofit needs something, eventually they will switch off entirely creating the opposite result that you are looking for. 

On the other hand, if you connect with donors in between asks for money (e.g., to share success stories or to simply say 'thank you'), you foster a relationship that can last a lifetime. 

Now, it may take awhile for your donors to respond back. Initially, it might feel as if you are talking into empty space. (That's how we used to feel when we began sending weekly emails to nonprofits every Monday). But if you stick with it, your donors will begin to see that you are not going anywhere and engagement will increase. 

Fighting the good fight right alongside you,

Erica & Bea

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