Creating Repeat Donors

This week, let's talk about why it can be helpful to create repeat donors out of donors who have given in the past. Really, there's a quick answer to this:

It costs less time and money to create a repeat donor than to create a new one. 

This is because the donor has already bought into your mission. In fact, they've bought into it so much that they were willing to open their wallets a first time. If you keep them engaged and updated with what's going on with your organization, then you increase the chance of them giving to your organization yearly, semi-annually, quarterly or even monthly. 

To do this does require some heavy lifting on your part. You'll not only want thank them for their past donation, but also help them understand that their support was vital to your nonprofit following its mission (you can't change the world without the support of your donors!)  It's important for them to feel emotionally connected to your organization to be encouraged to make repeat donations. 

For the second half of the year, can you commit to creating a certain number of donors for your nonprofit? This will give you a nice large pool of individuals to create repeat donations out of.

You've got this, 

 Erica & Bea

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