As we continue to prepare for our free fundraising workshop we're co-hosting with BBVA in Austin, Texas, we keep coming across a common theme amongst frustrated nonprofit founders/presidents/executive directors:

The challenge of getting board members involved in fundraising and other important aspects of running a nonprofit.

Unfortunately, nonprofits often struggle with finding an appropriate solution to this common problem. This causes a nonprofit to lag in funds and services it provides. In the worst case, the nonprofit fails altogether.

We hate having to read about such bleak scenarios, and are committed to making sure this doesn't happen to your nonprofit. So, over the next 3 weeks, we will provide strategies that have proven effective in engaging board members. Of course, change starts with you as the nonprofit founder/president/executive director. It's important to remain committed to enforcing the strategies that we're going to talk about. It might require some tough decision-making, but isn't your nonprofit worth it?

Tip #1 - CLARITY

Do you know in specific detail what you require of each board member? If not, take a piece of paper, write down the names of each member, and list what is required of each in order for the nonprofit to effectively move forward. A huge reason that boards are ineffective is that individual members aren't sure of what they are supposed to be doing. It is really easy to pass the responsibility onto others, and for life (work, family, etc.) to get in the way.

Each member should know their direct role in keeping the nonprofit afloat. Upon understanding this, they can decide if they are committed to seeing their responsibilities through, or if they should step aside to allow another member to step up.

Check in next week for tip #2: Communicate.

Believing in you,

Erica & Bea

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