An Easy Way to Create Income for Your Business

Hello Success and Wealth Creator!

I know you are busy running your business so I want to keep this message short with the pure intention of serving you and your business goals. 

One of the things I love most about my clients is seeing them grow into successful, wealthy individuals. Achieving this is certainly not easy. It usually requires them to change longstanding habits that have served them for a very long time. 

Which is what brings me to something I often say to my clients:

The things that got you to this level of success are the very things that are holding you back from your next level of success. 

I see this most often when it comes to money. It's very common for my clients to reach a plateau in business where they just can't break through to that next level of financial success. For each and every client experiencing this, I take them through the following process:

  1. I ask my client how much money he or she wants to make per month. 
  2. I ask my client triple that number. 
  3. And then ask her to commit to proposing this tripled amount in fees per month. (e.g., total proposals to potential clients equaling this amount, or exposing a business to a total number of leads that equal this amount).

For example, if my client, Lynette wants to make $15,000 per month, I ask her to commit to making $45,000 in proposals to potential customers each month. When my clients seriously commit to this, they are easily hitting their financial targets within a few months. All because of the system I've described above.

So why does this formula work so well? There are three reasons.

#1 - It's a numbers game

Business really is a numbers game. What I mean by that is, you offer your products or services to a group of people knowing that some will say 'yes' and some will say 'no'. It's just how it is in business. By tripling the amount of leads needed to meet targets, you significantly increase the odds of getting a 'yes'.

#2 - You stay focused on the things you CAN control

As a business owner, you can't control whether or not you will get a 'yes' or no from a client. There are simply too many factors at play. However, you can control the number of proposals that go out to your leads. As a result, you focus your time and energy best by committing to sending out your targeted number of proposals.

#3 - You know EXACTLY what you need to do

Coming up with how much you need to make in proposals is really easy under this system as it is simply a matter of multiplying your monthly financial target by 3. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of how many proposals and leads you should be creating each month. 

If you feel you've hit a financial plateau in your business, commit to using the system above for the next 6 months. Trust me, you will LOVE the result!

Standing for your success, 


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