Cultivating Discipline in Business

I'm often asked by clients on advice for steadily and consistently growing a business. When I think about important elements for generating forward motion as a business owner, discipline immediately comes to my mind. As a result, I’d like to provide advice on how to cultivate discipline in your business.

If you are like me, you have a lot going on in any given day. You’re not only running your business, but also nurturing relationships, raising children, serving the community, engaging in your own self-care etc. It’s hard to carve out time to get back to the basics; to get to the core of things so that you can create a strong foundation off of which to build. It is my hope that this e-mails and a few to follow will help you get back to the basics of developing the discipline requried to maintain a successful business.

Discipline and the Romans - a quick story

The word “discipline” has an interesting history, so I’d like to paint a story of the term.

In Roman times, discipline was personified as the goddess Disciplina. The Emperor at the time, Hadrian, had conquered many lands and wanted to make sure his troops kept his conquests. He placed military troops along the borders of North Africa and Britain and would inspect his troops regularly. To avoid complacency amongst the troops, he instilled the importance of always being ready to fight; of not going soft. The soldiers were commanded to consistently train for battle and to follow a tight set of regulations. This created a military that was always ready for whatever came their way, and is what made them effective when they would experience threats from other tribes.

To tap into the energy of discipline, soldiers would worship the goddess, Disciplina. Additionally, coins made during Hadrian’s reign held the word Disciplina AVG; a sort of talisman so that soldiers would not forget their orders.

There’s much to gain by understanding the origin of discipline. What does it mean to not go soft in business? What actions must be consistently taken to ensure forward motion and success?

In the next post, I will share how you can become even more disciplined in your business and create the results that you want. 

Believing in your success!

Erica - Partner & Chief Operations Officer