You have a great idea for a nonprofit, yet don't know about the process to get started. You know a few things: that you need to set up a corporation and ask the IRS to be a tax exempt organization. Beyond that, you're at a loss about what to do. 

If the above describes you, you've come to the right place. we have a range of solutions to help you get your nonprofit off to a solid start. The options range from fully customized services (where we do the heavy lifting for you) to 'do-it-yourself' options where we walk you through the process of getting set up.

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nonprofit structuring

Your nonprofit is already established, but you are having a really difficult time meeting your objectives. Your board is not engaged and you are shouldering a lot of the burden yourself. You raise a bit of money here and there, but not nearly enough to create your desired impact. Your volunteers are 'hit or miss', and when you do have them, you're not sure what do with them. You still have the passion and drive to run your nonprofit, you're just at a loss about how to move forward. 

If the above describes you, then our strategic planning solutions can help you get unstuck and moving in a positive directions. We offer a variety of services, from board of directors training to strategic planning.

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fundraising planning

Money is your biggest concern when it comes to your nonprofit. You know how much your nonprofit needs to achieve its mission - you just have no idea how to go about raising the funds. You've tried a number of strategies to get money flowing into your organization, but it just isn't enough. You still have tons of hope that you can move things forward, but you're also very aware that the nonprofit (nor you) can financially survive if things continue this way.

If the above describes you, then consider our fundraising planning solutions. Having worked with hundreds of nonprofit clients, we know proven strategies and techniques to get money flowing into your business. 

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