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Bea Baylor

I am the founder and CEO of Baylor Business Consulting Enterprise LLC; a full service consultancy firm that specializes in advising nonprofits. I have actively served on a number of nonprofit boards including Angels Unaware, an organization that has provided over 10,000 healthy lunches to school children in Flutonia, Texas. Prior to starting my consulting firm, I opened two small home health agencies that now gross over $3 million annually. Building my businesses while working as a nurse full-time, I have firsthand knowledge of the resilience and dedication needed to nurture a growing entity. I use this entrepreneurial approach when advising my nonprofit clients.

With a special passion for women, and believing that women hold the power to their professional and financial futures, I have written my personal adversity story in the book Rise Up: Take Charge, Overcome, Succeed. This memoir details how I went from spiritually broken to creating a reality of unconditional love and abundance.  I am thankful for my story because it is able to serve other women.        

I am also the founder of Journey to Healing, a women's organization that empowers and provides powerful retreats where women gather annually to restore their belief in their inner ability to start wherever they are.             

I am a Certified Business Performance Coach and Motivational Speaker. I am also the mother of  3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Through business strategy, visionary thinking, and creativity, I would love to help bring your nonprofit to life!

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erica duncan

I am a 2005 graduate of New York University Law School where I specialized in tax law. Practicing at Shearman & Sterling LLP and Davies Ward, Phillips and Vineberg, I have advised numerous nonprofits in various stages of development. A

I have a number of successful nonprofits on my roster, including a nonprofit that is now managing a million-dollar budget. Serving on the founding board, I was able to play a hands-on role in taking the nonprofit from grassroots to mature stage.

I was also sent by Lawyers Without Borders to Liberia, West Africa in 2007 to assist in rebuilding the country's justice system after the civil war (ran workshops for local judges and attorneys). My stint in Liberia gave me a firsthand look at budget development from a larger scale (e.g., a number of projects were funded by the World Bank). I was often in meetings with the UN, World Bank, Red Cross and other nonprofits to ensure that resources were being used in the most efficient way.

In 2013, I decided to open my own nonprofit consulting and coaching practice. I joined Baylor Consulting as a partner in 2017.

The results that my clients have experienced as a result of our working together are the following:

  • converting grassroots funding into programs that attract major donors and grants (i.e., transitioning from a 5-figure to a 6 & 7-figure budget)

  • providing clear communications at every stakeholder level (e.g., board of directors, volunteers, funders, etc)

  • providing a framework so that state, federal and local filing requirements are consistently followed

  • providing strategic direction so that a nonprofit uses its resources (money, time, staff, etc.) in the most efficient way.

Where Bea is a visionary, helping clients fully realize what is possible for nonprofits, I bring structure and organization to bring dreams to life. 

Bea and I are a dynamic duo, and we would love to propel your nonprofit to success!